When You Are Ready To Make a Change

Dr. Edward Rousar

There are points in our life when we realize something has to change. Maybe our relationship is going nowhere. Perhaps we finally admit that alcohol or drug use has gotten out of hand. It could be that we decide that now is the time to stop thinking about changing careers and take concrete steps to make it happen. Change is something that we can feel is forced upon us or something we actively chose and embrace.

Coaching and Therapy are about facilitating change, the change that can make your life better.

While each of us is the source of our own change, we may not have the resources necessary to follow through. Support and guidance can make all the difference in the world. We may need a sounding board or someone who can bring a specific skill set to the process. What I offer as a coach or therapist is the time, the place, the specific strategies and the support to help you reach your goals.